Create a small fun game in 9 hours.

Technology: whatever you like.
JS, Phaser, Unity, Paper, Stone, Cardboard, Sticks

fun fun fun

2nd of December

Starting at 9am. (9 Uhr Vormiddach)
Presentations will be at 6pm. (18 Uhr am Abend)

free free free

Be fast it's limited for 30 privileged people only

@Mutterschiff, Dornbirn, Widagasse 11

X-Mas themed (yes, there will be a bonus for costumes)


We did the first Game Jam in 2015. And now it is back. It's going to be 30 people huge, free, fun ..... aaaand christmas themed . There will be the Digitale Initiativen X-Mas party immediately after the Jam. And lot's of your favorite christmas songs (How awesome is that!?)

During the Game Jam you'll get 9 hours of time to create a game along with others. You can join the Jam with your team or - this time preferred - let us create the teams. It doesn't matter which technology your team choses. Of course it can be tech and run on a device, but it's also ok to create a cardboard game. At the end you'll present your game and play the others created and then there will be some funny prizes and some socialising.
This day should be fun.

Setup Night

Inexperienced, rusty or just curious?
We will do an awesome, comprehensive, PhaserJS based setup night to get you all started! This will happen at the 29th of November at 7pm at the Mutterschiff. Together we will create a small game, which will be a nice little introduction into the small 2D game framework.

But be warned - it's already going to be a lot of fun!


Wait .. you haven't registered yet?

At the last game jams we used to accept predefined teams - and we will also do that for the GameJam 2017...
BUT to spread the spirit of christmas, we want to encourage people to come as they are and participate in the
awesome random team Shuffle .
A gang of social experts will then form perfectly balanced teams to get the most fun and best results out of the event and ensure that everyone is coming home with a big smile.

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